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Pokemon Banned in Saudi Arabia

by Michael Cole - March 26, 2001, 2:49 pm EST
Source: Fox News

Ph33r of Pokemon spreads.... but for a different reason!

Pokemon was banned in Saudi Arabia by its government. Saudi Arabia's Higher Committee for Scientific Research and Islamic Law banned Pokemon over the weekend. It said that the videogames and cards featuring the popular Pokémon characters contain religious symbols that include the Star of David, crosses, triangles significant for Freemasons and symbols of Japan's Shintoism. On Egyptian parent living in Saudi Arabia stated:

"I long suspected the game had symbols and logos that were contrary to Islam,"

The article also told of the punishment for violating the law:

”Because of severe punishments for violators, which would include lashings, revoking of a trade license, stiff fines and deportation, the Saudi edict is expected to be strictly followed.”


Special thanks to Brent Childers for the link and Mike Sklens (StrikerObi) for the help!

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