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GBA Australian Launch Rumours

by Kosta Andreadis - March 23, 2001, 10:23 pm EST

Australia to get GBA in July and with their own set of colours? Click here to get the scoop...

First things first, that's not a spelling error in the headline and this being a news article relating to Aussie gamers I thought I'd use correct spelling (the Australian way of course).

No official date has been set for the launch of GBA in Australia but sources clsoe to PlanetGameCube have let us in on some information. The news below is not to be taken as fact but as a reliable rumour.

- Nintendo Australia intend to launch the GBA sometime in July

- Nintendo Australia have huge plans for the launch of the GBA and intend to push the handheld more than any other country in the world, this stems from the absolute huge success of the GBC down under

- Nintendo Australia have plans to launch the system with their own set of colours to reflect 'aussie gamer' tastes

Let it be known, Nintendo Australia are NOT going to short change gamers with GBA as the handheld will get a very big launch here down under.

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