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Metroid GBA is a NEW game!

by David Trammell - March 23, 2001, 7:35 pm EST
Source: IGN Pocket

NOA confirms that Metroid is not a port and some interesting GBA news involving Rare.

Camp Game Boy Advance. Can the GBA get anymore exciting!? You read correctly the first two times! There is an upcoming Metroid game for the GBA, and it is a new game, not a port! There is no word on who is developing it yet.

This was revealed by Ken Lobb who said some other interesting things. Among them, Rare is devoting about 10% of it's people to GBA development, among them, the guy who invented the ACM technique used in Donkey Kong Country. Lobb stated that Rare's secret GBA project simply blows away (as usual) everything else he's seen on the system. Those are pretty powerful words considering that people are still drooling over a wickedly playable port of Tony Hawk 2. We're sure to hear more about this at E3 (or perhaps earlier).

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