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Hot Import GBA Info!

by Rick Powers - March 22, 2001, 4:47 pm EST
Source: Upstate Games

Rick's finally off the fence, ordering his Import GBA. Why? Well, only $124 shipped, and no game requirement is a good reason ...

Upstate Games in Rochester, NY is offering Import Gameboy Advance units, for a mind-boggling $119! No game required, and only another $5 for shipping.

You get your choice of color, although they do ask you for an alternate in case of allocation problems. The page says that new orders will ship in April, still not bad considering the incredibly reasonable price.

Folks, only $20 over retail to get an Import unit is PHENOMENAL. You can also get a GBA with a game for $165 (that's including the $5 shipping). The math works out to about $22 more than the US retail will be. Get yours while you can!

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