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NO GBA Territorial Lockout CONFIRMED!

by Max Lake - March 21, 2001, 7:49 pm EST
Source: IGNPocket

We've said it before; so has IGNPocket. Now IGNPocket has their GBAs and make 100% sure that US games can be played on import GBAs.

IGNPocket are some lucky mofos. While members of our staff have yet to get their GBAs, IGNPocket has already secured a couple new systems. Although we've said it a few times in the news and in our our GBA FAQ. IGN Pocket's GBA FAQ has stated this too. Still, there are people confused.

Well, IGN Pocket has whipped up a nice story detailing how the Game Boy Advance does not have a territorial lockout. The article is totally in-depth and should put anyone's fears to rest. (I hope!)

Clearly, the question is not "should I import the GBA" but is "how & where am I going to get my hands on one?"

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