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More Launch Shots from Nintendo

by Billy Berghammer - March 21, 2001, 7:21 pm EST
Source: Gameboy.com

We really aren't trying to tease you! But this really isn't fair. We want GBA!

Nintendo's excellent Game Boy Advance site has posted a few nice pics from the Game Boy Advance launch in Japan. Didn't we already post some pics? Yeah. But you know I'm a media whore. More pics please!

Which one looks LONELY?!

Which one of these people looks Lonely?

We're sold out! Go home!

We're all sold out! Go Home! Heheheh! I'm Kidding!

One short of full mutiplayer madness...boooooooo!

Another lonely person. What's Nintendo saying here?

On the right they just busted a shoplifter

On the right they just busted a shoplifter!

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