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GBA Accesories!

by Billy Berghammer - March 21, 2001, 4:19 pm EST

PGC's got the first screens of some third party accessories that were available in Japan!

All kinds of accessories were ready for the launch of the GBA. Here's some shots of what they look like in action!

All loaded!

All loaded!

Worm Light Wannabes

Nyko worm light wannabes

More shots of the Worm light wannabes

More worm light madness

Side Shot of worm light

Worm light hooked up

All packed up!

GBA Accessories galore

It's Blasphemy to not use the D-Pad!

To replace the D-Pad? Blashphemy!

Hori's Grip Seal Advance

Squishy! Hori's Grip Seal Advance

Hori's LCD Filter Advance

Hori's LCD Filter Advance

Hori's LCD Filter Advance - 2

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