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Buttload of Box Art

by Billy Berghammer - March 14, 2001, 10:01 am EST
Source: Our lovely games section

Truckloads of Box Art for you for most of the GBA Japanese launch titles! The GBA launches in one week don't 'cha know?

Box Art baby! We got it all...with a little help from our good friends from Core Magazine. Gotta check 'em all!

I guess I'm a sucker for beautiful Japanese box art.

Here's what's updated...

Top Gear GT

Dodgeball Fighters

Wai Wai Racing

ChuChu Rocket

Golf Master


Mario Advance

Castlevania : Circle of the Moon


Kuru Kuru Kuru Rin

Silent Hill

Winning Post

Skeedaddle on over to our games section to check them all out. Art is the place to go my friends!

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