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More Critical Analysts...

by Max Lake - March 12, 2001, 6:56 am EST
Source: FGN Online

It seems that even more Japanese analysts are going on record to voice doubts about Nintendo's NGC & GBA systems being released on time & in sufficient quantities.

It seems that even more analysts in Japan are publicly expressing skepticism about Nintendo's chances in the Next-Gen Console War. This time, it seems that analysts are questioning Nintendo's ability to produce enough GBA units to fulfill the demand.

Nintendo aims to ship out one million GBA units in Japan in the first ten days of the handheld going on sale in Japan. It will produce a total of three million units in April and May, with plans to raise the output to two million units in June, according to Bloomberg. Still, Japanese analysts are quick to point

"There will be a shortage of the product here in Japan," said Jay Defibaugh, analyst with Credit Suisse First Boston. "And it wouldn't surprise me if the same situation were to take place in the overseas markets."

Doubt was again cast on whether Nintendo would have the GameCube ready for Japanese launch.

"The Gamecube release could be as early as the calendar year end," said Hirotoshi Murakami, analyst with Kokusai Securities Co. "If worse comes to worst, it will be sometime after next fiscal year ending March 2002."

Despite this skepticism from analysts, as recently as last week, Nintendo re-affirmed that the Japanese & U.S. launches of the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo GameCube were on track. Until we officially hear delay announcements from Nintendo, remember that these statements are only the opinion of some analysts. However, observations that there will be shortages of GBA in Japan (at least initially) are accurate and expected, though Nintendo should be able to meet the demand shortly after the Japanese launch.

Nintendo have yet to publicly respond to these critical analysts...

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