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Even more GBA screens!

by Jonathan Metts - March 2, 2001, 4:51 pm EST
Source: Nintendo

Nintendo's Japanese website has released extra shots of its GBA launch games, and they're looking good!

Here are some of the more interesting ones...

What is that weird orange/yellowish thing? Looks like maybe Mario jumps onto the green platform, and then that thing lifts him up to the door. Also of note: NCL's page explaining the different game modes seems to clear a few things up about the "Classic" four-player mode. We all know about the "Battle" mode: four players can all run off a single cartridge, competing against each other for coins. Well, it seems that the Classic mode is the normal version of Mario Bros., except with four players in the game instead of the two originally available. Yes, this is cooperative gameplay! It also explains some of the really unusual screenshots we've seen of the mode, such as the one with Bowser. The addition of bosses (like Bowser) indicates that Nintendo has completely revamped the old Mario Bros. with new levels and enemies...plus the four-player capability, of course. The only downside is that the Classic mode will require each player to have his or her own cartridge. :-(

As you can see, Napoleon will include desert maps as well as some of the others we've already seen. Not too much else to say except that this game's graphics just keep looking better and better!

Kuru Kuru Kururin seems to be coming along nicely, and it looks like the game will have lots of pretty backgrounds to make up for the very simplistic foreground graphics.

And finally, F-Zero Advance. I'm not 100% sure these two are new screenshots, but oh well. They give you a good look at two of the new cars featured in the game. I should add that so far only these two and two others have been shown, making a total of four cars...it remains to be seen whether additional ones will be available to unlock.

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