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Classic Capcom on GBA

by Max Lake - March 4, 2001, 8:44 am EST

Capcom blesses us by announcing re-releases of three classics for handheld GBA glory.

Although we posted this information from Nintendo's Gamelist on Friday, I feel obligated to highlight some highly excellent Capcom news. Specifically, Capcom is bringing three of its classic titles,

Super Street Fighter 2, Final Fight and Breath of Fire to Nintendo's Game Boy Advance. Since I'm too busy to do previews now, here's a quick rundown on each:

Final Fight:

Mayor Mike usually fights crime behind a desk at City Hall, now he's taking it to the streets, ripping his shirt and doing it with his fists. Mike's daughter has been kidnapped by biker thugs with glam rock hair & he won't stand for it! This Mayor is MEAN MAD! Alongside his Ninja pal Guy & his daughter's boyfriend, Cody, they'll fight to get her back. Final Fight was a trend setting game & its influence is still felt today. Naturally the GBA will be a port of the original, similiar to the one that appeared on SNES. Let's hope this one will be arcade perfect.

Breath of Fire: Now up to installment four over on PSX, the BoF series got its start on the SNES. The most stunning feature of the game is that it features a main character who is actually a dragon, from which the title gains its namesake. The series was a unique and highly enjoyable RPG. Although some may hope that this is a new BoF, we think it's a port of the 16 bit original - a classic port like the other two new Capcom GBA additions. That's nothing to complain about though, this is a fantastic title & one too many people missed in the 16-bit era (or wish they could replay now).

Super Street Fighter 2: Everybody knows what SF2 is, as it essentially forged the fighting genre many of us know and love today. Some may need reminding that Super Street Fighter 2 was the final version/upgrade of the game, featuring the four additional characters, Akuma hidden and super moves. All this glory in one pocket size. If Capcom are nice enough to include online play, we may see one of the biggest old school revivals in years. Capcom's already done online fighting play on DC, so let's hope it won't hesitate with GBA...

Alright! Some oldies but definite goodies. What can I say but Thanks a lot Capcom! Like I needed any more reason to flip out over the GBA.

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