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Square Making Nice?

by Mike Sklens - February 7, 2001, 4:35 pm EST
Source: N-Sider

Square wants a peice of that GBA pie so bad...

Unless you live in Japan, you've probably never heard of Digicube. Digicube is a major video game retailer in Japan. Beginning this Wednesday, Digicube will finally be offering Game Boy games. Now, you may ask, "Mike, what does his have to do with Square?" Well I tell you! Digicube's parent company is Squaresoft. Now, we must ask ourselves, is Square trying to get on Nintendo's good side? We've speculated that Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi may just be playing hardball with his "no contract with Square comments." This could very well be Square's subtle way of negotiating. What's your view on this move by Squaresoft? Hit the Talkback button and tell us, or Louie will bite your face.

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