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Big Bad N, Again?

by Ed Shih - February 6, 2001, 8:21 pm EST
Source: Nshooters.com

According to Next Gen magazine, Nintendo is bullying 3rd parties around with it's portable monopoly...

The guys over at NShooters.com have given us some info about Nintendo and the GBA from the latest issue of Next-Generation Magazine. According to the report, Nintendo is raising the wholesale costs of GBA carts by a dollar. Furthermore, they are adding 60 days of cartridge production time for 3rd parties...effectivley bullying them around and keeping them away from the GBA launch. Which launch they're refering to is anyone's guess (Japanese, American, European, or Australian?). Click on the link to check out the story or pick up the issue of Next-Generation when it hits the newstands. It's interesting that Next-Generation is even covering Nintendo though, given that their publisher, Imagine Media, is involved in a lawsuit with the Big N. I thought they said they were going to boycott Nintendo coverage...or maybe they'll only report select news items? What do you guys make of this?

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