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Improved Worm Light

by Jonathan Metts - February 27, 2001, 5:41 pm EST
Source: GameSpot

Nyko releases a picture of its upcoming GBA acessories, and guess what? It's pass-thru time!

Last week we told you about Nyko's upcoming GBA products, including their new version of the extremely popular Worm Light. Today Gamespot posted a picture of the new product lineup, and it contains a little surprise. (Or maybe I just didn't notice it earlier...) Anyway, the picture shows that the new Worm Light for GBA will finally have a pass-thru port for the link cable! And there was much rejoicing about the land. Let's see, it's the best Game Boy light ever invented...it doesn't require batteries...now you don't have to give up your multiplayer while you use it...yep, this pretty much makes it the best peripheral ever. And it's only ten bucks! Good lode. Expect it and the other Nyko GBA accessories to be available within two weeks of the system's launch.

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