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Xbox Live Indie Games Classic Shoot 1UP Coming to Switch in Two Weeks

by Neal Ronaghan - September 28, 2020, 4:58 pm EDT
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Fans of Radio Free Nintendo might be familiar with developer Mommy's Best Games as they have some grappling history.

Shoot 1UP DX is coming to Nintendo Switch on October 15 for $5.99.

From Pig Eat Ball developer Mommy's Best Games, Shoot 1UP debuted on Xbox Live Indie Games in 2010. The main hook is that when you get an extra live, you don't just get another number, you get an actual ship on screen to control, with the potential for 30 ships on the screen at once. The DX version coming to Switch expands upon the original with two new levels, new bosses, and more.

After Shoot 1UP DX comes out, Mommy's Best Games will also port more of their past releases, including Explosionade and Weapon of Choice, with the help of developer Super Soul. No word yet on the criminally underrated Game Type yet. We all could use some more parkour.

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