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Can you say... Scam?

by Billy Berghammer - September 21, 1999, 7:25 pm EDT

Some kids get a lawyer to file a Pokémon related gambling suit against Nintendo. Fun for the whole family.

My lord, this is ridiculous. You think Pokemon trading card is equal to Illegal gambling? Just like eating fun dip is equal to smoking one of those funny cigarettes. Hmm...well maybe a bad example.

Anyhoo...Check out this story about two kids actually filling a lawsuit against Nintendo. Thanks to Next Generation for the story. Here's the basis of their lawsuit. And by the way it's the NINTH suit filed from these lawyers against trading card companies. Maybe they work for Ally McBeal's firm....

As reported by SignonSanDiego.com today, Kevin Roddy, the lawyer who filed the case, argues that the trading cards qualify as illegal when kids buy the decks. They have "pay to play," in buying the cards in the first place. There is a random chance that certain decks will contain more rare cards, and therefore more valuable cards. Therefore, kids buy decks in hopes that they "win" better cards. He told SignonSanDiego.com, "If you have those three elements, from our point of view, it's illegal gambling. It's nothing more than a lottery disguised as a kids' game." While some schools have banned the cards because of classroom disruptions (similar, no doubt, to disruptions caused by Tamagotchi, Beanie Babies, and Furbys), Nintendo stated that it hasn’t even been served with the lawsuit.

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