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Konami News: ACA Sunset Riders Launching, Hyper Sports R Cancelled

by Donald Theriault - June 10, 2020, 4:47 am EDT
Total comments: 2 Source: Japanese Nintendo

Bury me with my money.

A pair of items related to Konami came up overnight regarding a popular re-release and a cancelled Switch project.

This week's Arcade Archives release has been confirmed as Sunset Riders, the 1991 arcade game perhaps more famously known for its 1993 Super Nintendo port. The arcade version of Sunset Riders supports up to four players simultaneously, and will launch with tomorrow's eShop update for the standard ACA pricing.

Hyper Sports R, the attempt to modernize Hyper Sports / Track and Field from Konami announced two years ago Friday, has been cancelled. In a notice obtained and translated by Japanese Nintendo, "various circumstances" were the reason for the plug pulling.


Ian SaneJune 10, 2020

For my brothers and I, Sunset Riders is one of the key games from our childhood.  This seems like a must-buy.  But only one of us has a Switch and I don't think he has enough controllers.  I'm going to guess this doesn't support the Gamecube controller adapter.

StratosJune 10, 2020

Ian, get one of these 8Bitdo adapters. I use it to use older controllers from Wii U and 360 on the Switch as well. With the price of controllers it is nice to get more mileage out of them. There is even a specific dongle to plug in a Gamecube controller. They are all pretty cheap, so worth picking up if you anticipate visiting other's w/ Switches and want to bring your own controller.

8Bitdo adapter

Gamecube controller adapter (works with Wii Classic controllers as well and GC)

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