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The People Want Playback

by Billy Berghammer - October 12, 1999, 7:30 pm PDT
Source: IGN64

An IGN64 poll shows that most Nintendo-fans want their Dolphins to have DVD playback included...

No kidding?! :) Personally I would like DVD movie playback on the Dolphin. I don't have a DVD player yet, and wouldn't mind having it be a part of my next Nintendo purchase. Hell if square develops games we're going to end up watching movies anyway ;) IGN64 did a little poll, and the people have spoken....

The results are in and Nintendo fans want Dolphin with DVD movie-playback features. Hot on the heels of Matsushita's announcement to forgo the release of its DVD movie-ready version of Nintendo's next-generation console, IGN64 conducted a survey in which the following question was asked:

What would you rather have?

A) Dolphin with DVD movie-playback and CD music for $300. B) Dolphin without DVD movie playback for $200.

Surprisingly, a whopping 60.9% (4, 428 votes) of the 7,268 readers polled said they would rather pay the extra $100 for DVD movie-playback features and the ability to play CD music on Dolphin. Only 39.0% (2, 840 votes) of those polled answered for a cheaper, $200 version of Dolphin without DVD movie playback options and the ability to play CD music.

Regardless of which way you look at it, this is undeniable proof that a multipurpose "entertainment system," able to play both DVD movies and videogames, could very well succeed in the market.

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