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Acclaim is Official

by Billy Berghammer - October 14, 1999, 7:00 pm PDT
Source: Acclaim's Homepage

Check out a Press Release from Acclaim, officially proclaiming it will be making games for Dolphin.

Thanks to good people from Dolphin Cove for finding the press release from Acclaim. Not that you should be that surprised or anything...but they are planning on having games ready for launch. Could you picture the likes of Extreme-G, QBC, Turok, or Trickstyle hitting the Dolphin? I sure can . Here's a clip...

Additionally, the company is one of the only publishers developing launch products for all three of the next generation platforms. Acclaim has engines, tools and technologies underway for PlayStation 2 and Nintendo's Dolphin as well as the already released Dreamcast. And, as console platforms prepare to enter the online gaming arena, Acclaim established a separate division dedicated to driving an Internet strategy for the company's website and online games.

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