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Nintendo's Next Gen 32-Bit?

by Billy Berghammer - August 27, 1999, 5:46 pm EDT
Source: GameFan

Nintendo will make 32-bit games! .....No, they're not developing for the Play Station....

The next generation Gameboy will be 32-bit. And you will be able to connect it to the Dolphin somehow. SWEET! Could we see the next handheld from Nintendo next summer? Kick ass! GameFan has the beef.

While Sega and Sony are using removable PDA's as memory, Nintendo has annouced that it will stick with the GameBoy (no surprise, since it's sold over 80 million units). The next evolution of the Gameboy will transform it into a 32-bit system, with four times the power of the GameBoy and the ability to link up with Nintendo's forthcoming "Dolphin" system. The company has yet to announce a release date, but you can expect it before the release of "Dolphin".

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