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Activision Joins Dream Team 2000

by Shawn Sullivan - October 20, 1999, 9:08 pm PDT
Source: Dolphin Cove

Will Activision develop for Dolphin? Looks like it...

Is Activision looking towards the Dolphin? The Dolphin Cove Reports that they are. Besides the games the Dolphin Cove mentioned, Activision also published Tony Hawk's Pro Skater for the PSX and soon N64, and is working on Spider-Man games for the PSX and N64. Upon reading this news article, I consulted my trusty lucky 8-Ball on the possibility of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 on the Dolphin.

Shawn: Will Activision make Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 for the Dolphin?

Magic 8-Ball: No

...I really hate those things. Here's the smackdown:

Today in their second quarter revenues report, Activision commented on Dolphin saying,

"Nintendo's planned introduction next year of Dolphin (and GameBoy Advance) will both have significant market impact. Nintendo has finally moved to a low cost optical disk-space delivery system for Dolphin, which should result in increased operating margins for 3rd party publishers, minimal inventory risks, and shorter lead times for manufacturing."

In translation, DVDs will provide developers with more space to make games with(4.7+ GBs), low risk development and manufacturing costs, and faster time-to-market. While this was directed to investors, Activision was under no pressure to talk optimistically of Nintendo's machine, especially considering its very sketchy details, and shaky launch date.

On the subject of launch date, Activision was also posed with a question by one of it's investors about Dolphin,

"What is the probability we'll see the new Nintendo machine next year?"

Activision was not so optimistic this time and replied,

"Dolphin for calendar 2000, and we would say 50/50 it makes it for the calendar year."

If you're not familiar with Activision they are one of the biggest multi-platform publishers with titles such as Quake 3, the Zork series, Civilization: Call to Power, Dark Reign II, Nightmare Creatures, Asteroirds, A Bug's Life, and Earthworm Jim--to name a few.

Their optimistic outlook for Dolphin's potency in the market is comforting to see, but their conservative views on it's release date doesn't help calm the raging rumors of an impending delay. Sit back, and hold on tight, because Nintendo is going to put your emotions on a roller coaster ride of utter confusion. Stick to the Cove for more as it breaks.

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