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Sucker Punch Talks to the Planet

by Shawn Sullivan - October 22, 1999, 7:46 pm PDT

The developer of the innovative Rocket: Robot on Wheels from N64 lets us know a little of what they are up to.

Rocket: Robot on Wheels is #1 on my list of games to get this year. From everything I have read and seen about the game, it looks likes it's going to be great. Well, I recently e-mailed Sucker Punch to comment on Rocket. The usual stuff, how great it was going to be, yadda yadda yadda. Well, low and behold, they actually responded. Notice in this clip of their last response they mention "Binding non-disclosure agreements." Hmm... indirect maybe? Does Sucker Punch have something up their sleeves? Only time will tell. Here's an excerpt:

"As for a comment on the Dolphin, you probably know as much as we do. We haven't received any information on the Dolphin that hasn't already been brought to light. Though, if we had, I wouldn't be able to comment on it. Binding non-disclosure agreements and all. I think it will be a wonderful system. Are we going to develop for the system? Well, we are working out ideas for are next project, and haven't made any obligations as of yet. Keep an eye out for us on the 12th, and good luck at Planetn2000!"

Thanks & best of luck to Sucker Punch!

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