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Konami on the Radio

by Billy Berghammer - October 26, 1999, 4:36 pm PDT
Source: Nintendojo

Konami using FM Radio to distribute games? Strange but apparently true. Scope these details.

FM radio technology in the Dolphin? A very interesting concept, and our good friends from Konami could bring it our way. Nintendojo has da goods...

Konami plans to launch a game distribution service using FM Radio. The game data distribution service would use using FM multiplex broadcasting. Konami plans to incorporate FM reception capabilities for its home console games, arcade games, and toys.

FM multiplex broadcasting is a way in which digital data can be transmitted using "gaps" between radio frequencies. Using this system, Tokyo FM presently operates a "visual radio" service to transmit text data such as traffic reports.

The company has demonstrated the system which could download a song in about ten seconds at a rate of 16 bits/second. The technology is currently widely used for transmitting "visual radio" services by FM Tokyo for things such as text based traffic reports. The broadcast of course wouldn't require phone lines, or complicated mobile phone networks, and it would be free. Given Konami's involvement with Nintendo on Dolphin and Game Boy Advance, there's a likely chance that this technology might be used in conjunction with a Nintendo product in the future. Things like allowing the Game Boy Advance or perhaps even Dolphin to download text stories, and simple programs for free. (ds)

Source: re-tokyo

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