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Game Boy Advance Nuggets

by Billy Berghammer - November 1, 1999, 4:43 pm EST
Source: Diet Game Online News

I smell McNuggets, Chicken McNuggets. My favorite McNugget of all!

The GBA is something I am really looking forward too. What would be the purpose of getting a Game Boy Color now? Could we also see the GBA unvieled at Space World (or E3 for that matter)? Is the GBA just going to look like a souped up Atari Lynx? Diet Game Online News has the fattening goodness....

One of the designers of Game Boy Advance, Masahiro Deishi, has explained why it is a horizontal console, in an interview with Famitsu 64+ magazine. "It's a long story, but after investigating a number of things, that's how it turned out," he said. "I can't say more than what's in the paper, but you could say it has the face of the Game Boy. Up until now, we've used a vertical design, so we wanted to stick with that, but in order to keep the overall size of the unit small with the larger LCD screen, we decided that horizontal was the best way to go."

Also discussed was the backward compatibility of the system, as well as the future. "It's becoming something that everyone is really happy with. Currently, there are more than 800 titles available for the Game Boy, but we feel like we can create a new kind of experience [with the Game Boy Advance]. The people in the software development division are acting like children who just got a new toy," he said.

Game Boy Advance is the 32-bit successor to Game Boy. The machine is likely to be used as a link to Dolphin - the upcoming Nintendo console - and will be able to play all your favorite Nintendo handheld games. While no release date has been set for the release of the handheld, an initial showing is likely in Japan next August, during the Space World unveiling of Nintendo’s 128-bit console, Dolphin.

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