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We need a logo

by Billy Berghammer - April 19, 1999, 2:42 pm PDT
Source: OperatioN2000

Well, not "we" persay. The N2000

Have any ideas on a N2000 logo? Well then go on over to OperatioN2000. They have completely updated their site, and want to know what logo you think the Big "N" should use.

OK, so while people may have never agreed fully on the name of the next Nintendo system we did finally have a winner and that was the Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System (UNES) / Nintendo Ultra. Of course this name narrowly edged out the other two hopefuls the Nintendo Millenium and the Nintendo X. With that close margin in mind we move on to the next round of system design with a more open perspective.

Of course having a cool new name for your system is important but a name is only half of the battle really from a marketing perspective. Would Pepsi have been so successful if it hadn't managed to make that wave icon that stands for its name brand visually? Company logos are often as important if not more important than the name itself since it represents a second change for a company to get into a consumer's head. If you see a swoosh somewhere you immediately think Nike... this is the power of the logo.

So since the battle was close we'll open this contest letting you pick any of the three finalists when you design a logo: Ultra NES, Nintendo Millenium, or Nintendo X. When people pick the best logo they will be picking the name that goes with it so that will be the end of the story. This isn't a free-for-all contest and people with humble art skills probably need not apply since we will screen finalists and only consider those that we consider appropriate. Remember these are logos and not web banners or headers or the like... it should be something that can be condensed and put on letterhead and that sort of thing. A logo is a simple iconic representation in the real world so try to gear in that direction. Here are the few submission rules:

Size no greater than 250 X 250

Submitted in either gif or jpg format

Uses one of the three finalist names

Doesn't use any material that may be considered copyright sensitive/

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