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GBA Pre-Order Mania

by Billy Berghammer - February 6, 2001, 9:09 pm EST

You need a GBA import? Here's the info you need.

If you're planning on nabbin' an import GBA on March 21(-ish), now is the time to make sure you have your pre-order in. Yes, it still seems like you will need to get at least one game with your GBA. No biggie.

Right now, as I can see online, you have 2 options. Buy-Rite, and National Console Support. If you know of any other deals out there...feel free to e-mail me, or jump in the talk back. So who has the better price?

Buy-Rite: $199 - Includes 1 GBA, and Mario Advance

National Console Support: $275 - 1 GBA and you have to buy 3 games from a list. The twelve GBA games that pre-order customers must choose from are: Akumajou Dracula, All Japan GT Tournament, Dodge Ball Fighters, F-Zero Advance, Fire Pro Wrestling A, J-League Pocket, Kuru Kuru Kururin, Napolean, Play Novel Silent Hill, Super Mario Advance, Wai Wai Racing, and Yu-Gi-Oh Dungeon Dice Monsters.

I originally had my pre-order with Buy-Rite, who says on their site that they will guarantee the lowest price and will match prices as well as give $5.00 of the next purchase. When I called, they said they wouldn't match prices with the GBA, yet I could cancel my order if I desired. Hrm.

This isn't a rip on Buy-Rite, because I have purchased import games from them before, and was happy with my service. But right now, NCSX has the better deal in my opinion. Also realize that these prices do not include shipping. At NCSX, next day shipping costs $34.55, bringing the grand total to a little over 300 bucks. At Buy-Rite, 2 games including shipping was $275.

Is it worth the import? It looks like I'll be eating Ramen and a whole buttload of Mac and Cheese for a while. I'd dare to even say...bring me my milky blue goodness...yet, I could be taken out of context if I were near a smurf.

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