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Crispy GBA Box Art!

by Billy Berghammer - February 22, 2001, 5:00 pm EST
Source: Where it will all begin

Psyched about the GBA launch in Japan? Here's a little (and we mean little) eye candy for you.

Yeah baby! The Japanese GBA site has been updated with tiny ass pics of the new box art for 4 GBA games...

1. F-Zero Advance

2. Napolean

3. Kuru Kuru Kurin

4. Mario Advance

There's a bunch of new screens as well. Where I raise the flag is they make it look like Mario Advance is launching with GBA in Japan. Could it be true? Prior reports have made it look like Mario Kart Advance would launch, and Mario Advance would be delayed. Personally, you can mark me down for both. Hell yeah yuh.

Also on another note after looking at the new Mario Advance pics, I guess my beliefs of Mario Advance containing the original Super Mario Bros. was in fact wrong. Then again, Mario Bros, and the Psuedo Mario Bros. 2 remix (or whatever it turns out to be) will be more than enough for me. I apologize for my wrongness. You can't blame me for dreaming and hoping. Louie tipped over his water dish this afternoon in protest so we are all even.

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