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GBA Colors same in US

by Billy Berghammer - February 22, 2001, 7:19 pm EST
Source: IGN Pocket

This is terrible news. Looks like Nintendo isn't changing the Japanese GBA Colors when this puppy launches in the states. Well sorta...

Woah. Yes, it's been made official. The GBA colors that will be released in Japan will be the same colors that will get released here in the states. Except for some ultra non snappy new names.

White = Arctic

Purple = Indigo

Milky Blue = Glacier

Yes, these snappy new names will make people across the USA just thrilled to buy these wonderful colors. In related news, Nintendophiles across the globe can now throw up in unison.

In my opinion, as stated many times...THESE COLORS SUCK NINTENDO! You showed us some amazing colors and variations at Spaceworld. And we get this. Yes, ultimately I really don't care, and I will be importing a Milky Blue GBA this March. I love the games, and can't wait. But I sure was hoping to get a purple/orange, charcoal/red, or even a silver orange/teal version if they got released in the US. Teasing isn't fun. Oh, yeah...one more thing...No matter how you say "white"....white is still white.

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