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The GBA Pre-Order Saga

by Billy Berghammer - February 24, 2001, 10:14 am EST
Source: IGN Pocket

Are you importing a GBA? You better read this then!

There are a bunch of you out there that have pre-orders already for importing a GBA this March. So what is it like to be in Japan and wanting to pre-order? IGN Pocket's correspondant has an excellent report on what the vibe is in Japan, as well as what it's like to pre-order over seas. If you have any inkling of Pre-ordering and wanting to nab your GBA in March, I would hurry up. Chances are, you'll be paying a lot more now.

One note in this article, it looks like Mario Advance will be available at launch (woohoo!), but Mario Kart Advance will get delayed (boo!). That's alright...you can still snag F-Zero advance to get your racing fix.

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