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How powerful is the GBA?

by Billy Berghammer - January 12, 2000, 5:35 pm EST

A Japanese TV show reports that the GBA will have better visuals than the Sega Saturn.

How does, better than a Sega Saturn sound? Hmmmm. Not bad! But I sure hope the GBA's lifespan and success turns out a tad better than the Saturn fared. Very promising! The boyz over at Gamespot say that a Japanese TV show said the GBA will look better than the Saturn....read on...

As GameSpot News previously reported, the Game Boy Advanced will make use of polygonal graphics, although it was not clarified whether they would be as complex as those on current console systems. A Japanese TV show called Game Wave revealed that the next-generation handheld system is capable of producing polygonal graphics a notch better than those of the now-defunct Sega Saturn. Though these specifics don't come directly from Nintendo, it is interesting to note how powerful this machine may be.

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