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Thoughts Before Midnight

by Billy Berghammer - April 27, 1999, 9:56 pm EDT

Billy has a nice ramble before going to bed.

Today was a very interesting day. Good and bad. Bad thing...no N2000 news. No domain information (blah). And butt-munch over at the "official HQ" still is playing with himself. Heh! But I digress. Anyhoo...I did pick up Smash Bros. . Sweet ass game. I haven't had a whole lot of time to play with it, but what I did play, I loved. Another Nintendo masterpiece if you ask me. A definite purchase if you are a hardcore Nintendo freak like myself. I wouldn't even waste your time renting. For the love of god you get Samus on the N64! I am that serious about this game (sorry Justin...buy it!). I may even do a review if I have time (not that you couldn't get one somewhere else). I will say one thing though...tomorrow I will possibly have some really big news for you. B I G. That is all I have to say right now. But it's BIG I tell you....(what I wanted to tell you today, but I would rather wait until it's official)

Something else I'd like to point out. Not that I am patting myself on the back or something, because I don't like to do that crap. I posted a link to the Smash Bros. rebroadcast yesterday, and amazingly it made news on a couple of N64 sites...today. Which bothers me a bit. I don't know if it should or not. But it bothers me. Pretty much the same link and everything. Granted I didn't make the news myself, nor create it. But it made it on a couple of sites. The only reason I am pointing it out is that I had a story ripped off from me once from the N64HQ, and never got any credit. It was completely ripped off from me. I mean completely. I will say that I was damn proud to write this piece, because I knew that I had an exclusive story (and a great experience). It was probably my biggest contribution to the HQ ever, and it was rewritten and republished. I'm not going to point any fingers, but I will say one thing...Plagiarism is Fu**ing BS. Now, granted, a link really isn't plagiarism, but it reminded me of that day. Okay, I am now off my soapbox. I don't care if you get a story, link, or whatever from this site. Give me credit. That is all I ask. All I have to say is that you heard it here first baby. :)

Oh yes, and one more thing. This site will be down from Thursday until Sunday. I have a job interview out of town, and I will be partying like a rockstar with some friends. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers because I really need this job. More news when it develops :)

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