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Play it Loud! on the GBC & GBA

by Mike Sklens - December 14, 2000, 2:15 pm EST
Source: FGN Online

Could MTV Music Generator be on its way to GBA? It could indeed.

FGN reported today that Rage Software has an agreement with Jester Interactive. This agreement will allow Rage Software to publish Jester's Music franchise for the Game Boy. This franchise includes the popular MTV Music Generator. The game includes pre-selected drums, vocals, guitars, baselines, and other instruments. The songs can be composed with these selections and the song can be saved so it can be played later. The game also has a few mini-game thingies that revolve around a musical concept.

Personally, I see this as a great title for the Game Boy Advance. FGN reports that the title will be for the Game Boy Color and there is a possibility of it also being on the GBA. I just don't see this working on the GBC. The speaker just isn't powerful enough. And vocals? I don't think they'd sound too good on the limited Game Boy Color hardware.

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