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New MKA & Mario Advance Screens!

by Max Lake - January 15, 2001, 11:09 am EST
Source: Gameboy.com

A tonage of screens await you inside.

Well, Gameboy.com has just posted new pica and information on Mario Kart Advance and Mario Advance on its official site. The Mario Kart Advance shots reveal exciting new details and include a shot where “Luigi’s Mansion” (as seen in the Space World demo) is clearly visible in the background. We’re sure this won’t be the last time we see it either. Also, you can make out a Shy Guy in a teepee in another shot, along with Yoshi using a three-red shell attack. In another shot, there are actually seven racers on screen at once. This game will be awesome!

For Mario Advance, Gameboy.com confirms that the game will be SMB2, though “New enemies and items are scattered everywhere.” There are also shots of the battle mode, which is indeed a version of Mario Brothers, though you will be able to choose battle or classic, which is the actual old school game itself (4-players). For players 3 and 4, it looks like there are palate swaps available that look like Wario and Fire Mario. Nice! A lot of people are apparently disappointed by the news that Mario Advance is just an old game, but I think it’s going to rock!

For more information, check out Gameboy.com’s pages on Mario Kart Advance and Mario Advance.

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