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WHOA. GBA info explosion!

by Jonathan Metts - January 15, 2001, 9:23 pm EST
Source: Gameboy.com

NOA's official Gameboy home page has just been updated with a bunch of great things including F-Zero Advance!

Nintendo of America has massively updated their Game Boy Advance section with new hardware details and new info on every first-party game. The biggest news is about F-Zero Advance:

F-Zero Advance is a totally new game, stocked with never-before-seen tracks and vehicles. Set 25 years after the Super NES game, the descendents of famous racers like Captain Falcon test their driving skills in the cockpits of brand new vehicles, many of which have to be unlocked by proving yourself in the heat of competition. The coolest feature of F-Zero Advance? Four friends can race simultaneously using the Game Boy Advance four-player linking capabilities!

...wow. Check out the new section for tons and tons of info on these games, and look for tons of updated previews here at the Planet for the rest of the week. (Ugh, now I'll never get any sleep!)

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