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GBA Metroid! WORD!

by Billy Berghammer - January 16, 2001, 9:04 pm EST
Source: Tendo Project

From "Project of Tendoness," it seems that Nintendo of Europe seemingly confirms Metroid GBA. What the...?

Metroid has been confirmed for GBA? Well that's what the folks of The Nintendo Project say. Their source? A Nintendo of Europe press release. Nintendo of Europe? Hmmmmm.

Nintendo of America denies all rumors of this. Could this be a leak of news by NOE? When was the last time you heard something from Nintendo of Europe? Oh well.

Personally I wouldn't doubt it. Could they remake the SNES version of Metroid and release some sort of remix for the GBA? Add a little battle mode or something for multiplayer? Would you buy it?

::The crowd screams HELL YES!::

As would I! Plus you have the fact that Samus is hitting the GCN. It's a no brainer. Not only that, but a USDA certified prime choice game. Bring it.

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