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GBA Color Change... WHY?

by Billy Berghammer - January 16, 2001, 11:26 am EST

Nintendo came up with some new color schemes for the GBA, Billy... well, he thinks they SUCK!

After reading Max's Voting Schpeel I had to say something. And...well...because I have the opportunity, and the fact that I will be importing a GBA in March, I have to get something off my chest.


This has been bugging the hell out of me. Granted I'll buy one anyway...but you can almost guarantee that Nintendo will be releasing the GBA in many different colors later on in the systems life. Compared to all the versions of GBA we saw at Space World this past year...I don't understand why Nintendo is releasing these boring, blah colors. Yea. What the hell?

Nintendo told me at Space World that the colors would possibly change and the reason decided to show all the different versions at this expo was to see what people liked. Hey! We never saw these before? Who'd you show these to? Some helmet wearing children that just hopped off the short bus?

I didn't see any of these designs there. Just a lot cooler looking (cough...more attractive to the consumer) ones. Grrrrr. The two versions of silver that we saw were sharp (orange or turquoise buttons), but the odd colored ones were even cooler. I was dying for the clear charcoal with red buttons. Even the clear purple with orange buttons was slick. But this? C'mon! BLAH! Barf!

I will be looking into this matter further. After an importer is going to pay $150 - $200 for an imported GBA (price prediction) you're damn right I want to love the color. Agree? Disagree? Smack the Talkback section upside tha' head and let us know what you think about the colors you'd like to see.

**Note: I am crabby. Not only that but I don't think these blah colors will attract people. What was wrong with the prior colors? Plus Ed stole my happy pills.

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