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Mario Advance = SMB2!?!

by Max Lake - January 13, 2001, 1:16 pm EST

First pictures of Mario Advance reveal that it is a SMB All Stars take on Super Mario Bros. 2!

Although Jon hasn't gotten around to posting my Mario Advance preview yet, it looks like it already needs updating. Hot on the heels of the exciting online Mario Kart Advance news, the curtain has seemingly come up on Mario Advance. Taken from the Febuary Editon of Coro Coro comics in Japan, is an ad for the game. According to pictures taken from the ad, it looks that Mario Advance is apparently a souped-up version of Super Mario Brothers 2 from the NES. Check out the screenshots below. You can click here for a big version of it.

For those of you who may be disappointed by the news, remember that Super Mario Bros. 2 wasn't SMB2 in Japan, but a game called Doki Doki Panic. Japan's version of SMB2 was our version of Super Mario: Lost Levels from Mario All Stars and our SMB2 was called Mario USA in Japan.

The upside is that the pictures reveal that Mario Advance may indeed be a "special edition" or "remix" of SMB2 (after all, I don't remember any giant Shy Guys being in the NES original) and looks to include some kind of version of the original Mario Bros. as a mini-game or something. It also seems that the game will feature 4-player multiplay "fighting" functions, which like other GBA software, you'll only need one copy of the game to utilize. In the bottom left corner of the ad, shows that the game is listed for release on March, 21st, making it a launch title after all.

The pictures and everything were originally posted here, though you won't glean any other info from the page unless you can read Japanese. Since we can't, we owe our friend Ravi Hiranand for helping us decipher this. Also, a big heaping hand of applause & thanks goes to Planet reader, Millhouse who discovered the pictures originally. No doubt about it, PlanetN really does have the best readers on, well, the planet earth! Because it is referred to as Mario Advance in the material, it does seem that this will be how the game turns out and is not a hoax. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

For the latest screens and info on Mario Advance click here.

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