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First GBA Importing Info

by Max Lake - January 19, 2001, 9:24 pm EST
Source: Buy Rite

Would you like to pre-order a Japanese Gameboy Advance? Well, get in here and plunk down some cash!

I know Billy has been looking for GBA info high and low for awhile & luckily thanks to a fine tip, we've finally come across some. It turns out that Buyrite is now accepting pre-orders for Game Boy Advance. The price for a GBA including Mario Advance is $199.99. Buy-rite claims that all pre-orders will be honored and that they will try (but cannot promise) to give you the color of your choice.

Mario Kart Advance isn’t listed as one of the available titles. I guess the news that it wouldn't make launch is turning out to be true, or Buyrite just haven't posted anything yet. Currently, there are only a few of the launch titles with prices listed at Buyrite; Napoleon, Mario Advance, Kuru Kuru Kururin and F-Zero. Each game retails for $59.99 each. The GBA’s link cable and AC adapter are listed as well, though prices for both have yet to be announced. Hopefully, prices other titles will be added (tho’ at $60 a pop, I’ll be happy with just a couple!)

One final bit of information that I know many of you have been waiting for (I know I have):"The Game Boy Advance system is compatible with all existing Game Boy software from around the world." That’s right, there’s absolutely no reason to wait ‘till July to get your hands on one of these little marvels!

Naturally, other online retailers will likely soon start posting prices & information, allowing clever Nintendophiles to shop around. Once they do, we'll try to keep you posted on some of the better deals available. Nevertheless, you’d best start scraping those nickles and dimes together for those imports! You know you want 'em!

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