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Ten More Titles for GBA

by Max Lake - January 3, 2001, 10:09 am EST
Source: FGNonline

Some classics are coming back, this time on the GBA.

In the most recent issue of Nintendo Power, Majesco released the names of the ten Game Boy Advance games it plans to publish. The games are as follows:

· Earthworm Jim

· Caesar's Palace

· M&Ms: Lost in Time

· Iridion 3-D

· Aerial Aces

· F-18

· Fortress

· Jelly Belly

· Pitfall

· Paintball

Iridion is an impressive 3D shooter we’ve already heard a bit about and Earthworm Jim and Pitfall are familiar face to any gamer. But what the heck is M&M chocolate candies getting lost in time?! Makes me wonder if “Jelly Belly” refers to Jelly Belly Jelly Beans? Some interesting titles indeed, for if people are making games staring (of all things) candy you just get the impression that everyone and their mom are making stuff for GBA. Not that this is a bad thing mind you…

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