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Mario Bros. Advance?

by Zosha Arushan - January 2, 2001, 4:01 pm EST
Source: The Magic Box

It looks like we are getting a Mario title for GBA.

The MagicBox reports that Nintendo has revealed a few more AGB titles in development, one of them mysteriously titled "Mario Advance."

- Nintendo of Japan has also revealed a couple new GameBoy Advance titles in development:

Mario Advance - there is at least one Mario action game for each system after all

Warioland 4 - the genre has changed to Role Playing.

Masterpiece War - a simulation game

Tactics Ogre Gaiden - the popular SRPG game

Fire Emblem: The Dark Shrine Maiden - the latest version of the popular SRPG

However it's unclear at the moment if "Mario Advance" is a merely a port of a Super Famicom title or if it is an entirely new game. Obviously, I'm hoping that we're getting an all new sidescrolling adventure starring Mario and Luigi with that classic gameplay we've all come to know and love.

While there are no details on the game yet, the possibilities are endless. Might there be a GameCube/AGB hookup for Luigi's Mansion/Mario Cube? Also, it should be noted that this game has been announced alongside WarioLand 4, which has been changed to a Role playing game! How in the K'Gara will that work?

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