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Metroid on the GBA? Maybe

by Mike Sklens - January 20, 2001, 10:42 pm EST
Source: TendoProject

Consoles-France "reveals" that Metroid GBA will be a new game rather than a port of an old one ala Mario Advance.

OK, I'm gonna start off by saying that we here at Planet N2000 are filing this story under rumor. We have our doubts, for some reason or another. According to The Nintendo Project, Metroid GBA is under development. Also, it will be an entirely new Metroid game, not a port of a old one. The Nintendo Project gets this news from Consoles-France.com. According to CF, the development team, which is not given, is working hard on the game. We here at Planet N2000 classify this is a rumor for a few reasons. One, we've never heard of Consoles-France.com which is probably because we're not French. Two, the whole thing just seems fishy. What do you think about it? Tell us and everyone else out there by hitting that TalkBack button.

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