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Bomberman, Megaman and more!

by Max Lake - January 21, 2001, 3:23 am EST
Source: Gamers.com

New screens of Bomberman Story, Megaman EXE and Monster Farm Mania from Gamers.com.

Just when the Planet staff thought it was safe to sleep, we’ve been hit with news out the warp pipe. Metroid, Dr. Mario 64? That’s only part of it. Posting oodles of new screens and specifics, Gamers.com have just provided even more reasons to salivate over GBA. With help from the magazines Dengeki Nintendo 64, Famitsu 64 and 64 Dream, Gamers.com have posted screen shots of Bomberman Story, Megaman EXE and Monster Farm Mania for GBA. With a little assistance from our pal, the Younger Plumber, we've gathered some info on these games here. Expect new and updated previews on these titles soon too.

Bomberman Story is set for release in Japan sometime this spring. So far, there is still no word on a US release, although it seems highly likely. The game seems to be a throwback to the series’ roots, puzzle-style gameplay opposed to the platforming direction Bomberman games took on the N64. Naturally, a four-player battle mode is included (looking similar to the Super Bomberman greats) and we’re crossing our fingers for online Mobile Adaptor support.

Also, Rockman EXE has been renamed "Battle Network Rockman EXE" in an attempt to better describe the title. If you’ve read our preview of the game, you’ll know that this isn’t a regular Megaman game and resembles more of a card-battle / RPG-style, where Megaman does battle inside a electronic network. The game will support four players and the addition of "Battle Network" to the title makes Mobile Adapter online capability a suspicious possibility.

For a GBA Triple play, Gamers.com also sport the first screens of Tecmo's "Monster Farm Mania." As another addition to the Monster Rancher series, the shots suggest that gameplay will be similar other games in the series and game is already looking quite good. Graphically, it looks very similar to the Playstation games and both four player link support as well as Mobile Adaptor Capability are a go for this monster collecting title.

The GBA gets better on a daily basis. Sign on the dotted line... It’s time to sell your soul to Nintendo.

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