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Rumor crashes and burns?

by Billy Berghammer - January 23, 2001, 8:48 pm EST

Metroid GBA rumors deciphered...

I got to finally talk with our good friend, Ima Source from Nintendo today and they reassured the same standpoint as The Nintendo Project reported yesterday on Metroid for the Game Boy Advance.

NOE's news release that stated Metroid was being developed for Game Boy Advance was incorrect. Nintendo has not announced a Metroid game. Please visit www.nintendo.com for the official list of games in development for Game Boy Advance.

As I told them, this quote is extremely vague. Ima Source agreed.

C'mon now. You read this and you tell me what you think! I think it's going to happen sometime...sooner the better though! Louie read between the lines and this was his translation.

Metroid is finished. It will be ready to ship with GameCube in October. We wanted to surprise you. Please visit www.nintendo.com around May 15th for the first screens of your Samus lovin'

Well, wouldn't that be nice. Personally, I would bet that Metroid will be hitting the GBA. What do you think? Hit that talkback area and doubt me all you want. Mwuhahahah!

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