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GBA + 3 Games = $255 US

by Max Lake - January 25, 2001, 6:56 pm EST
Source: NCSX

Max gives us the skinny on a deal from NCSX for importing a Gameboy Advance.

In our pledge to help would-be importers shop around for the Game Boy Advance, we now have a great deal from NCSX. Check it out!

"The most popular GBA software titles on pre-order from customers were, in order of preference: Super Mario Advance, Dracula X, Fire Pro Wrestling A, and F-Zero Advance. To accomodate the majority of our pre-order customers, we have chosen these launch titles as the packaged software options. As such, any three of these four games may be chosen as your included software. NCS will also stock all of the other GBA launch releases during the week of March 21 but due to the way that we are required to buy the Gameboy Advance from overseas vendors, you must choose three of the four games listed above to be included in your purchase at US$255. Everyone on our mailing list will receive this update today but note that NCS will follow up with instructions within the next couple of days on how we will handle the first shipment of GBA units. If the current package offer is not suitable for you, we would recommend waiting a week or two after the launch for less restrictive Gameboy Advance deals but we'll update everyone once the initial rush and hype routine has passed. Thanks."

Since Mario Advance, F-Zero and Castlevania are the games I want most, this sounds like the perfect deal for me! We'll keep you posted on any more import coverage between now and March 21st!

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