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Big news from Sega

by Mike Sklens - January 30, 2001, 4:12 pm EST
Source: Segadojo

SOE announces its plans to become a neutral 3rd party. The Dreamcast chip set will also be licensed to a range of devices including Palm. Finally, Sonic Advance is announced.

Sega of Europe has announced the company's future plans. According to SOE, Sega has a two-pronged approach. One, to become a neutral third-party developer. Two, provide the Dreamcast chip-set technology to a range of devices. One of these devices include the PACE Set Top Box. SOE has also announced the first 2 games in development for other systems. They include a Space Channel 5 game for the Playstation 2 and Sonic the Hedgehog Advance for the GameBoy Advance!! Also, Sega is looking into developing for other consoles and will be making further announcements on it's partnerships soon. Sega will also still support the Dreamcast console. They plan to ship more than 100 Dreamcast games worldwide by March of 2002. On top of all this, Sega has announced a partnership with Palm. This will bring Sega games, both on and offline, to the Palm platform. Not much of this news is actually new, but now it is actually official. Only one major question really remains now. Will Sonic the Hedgehog Advance be a new game or will it be a port of a previous Sonic game?

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