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More Sega - NGC games likely

by Max Lake - January 30, 2001, 11:42 pm EST
Source: IGN Cube

Sega confirms the DC price drop (to $99) and introduces the "Smash Pack". Would you like some Sega classics with that Dreamcast sir? PICTURES!!!

OK, so in addition to what we posted earlier, Sega has announced that Dreamcast systems are confirmed to drop in price and will retail for $99 starting Febuary 5th. Justin Wood, my longtime buddy (& a staffer of Segadojo) told me a "Smash Pack" (which includes a Sega classics comp) should be available for $129 by this time as well. People, there is now NO excuse and no reason NOT to buy the Dreamcast. I loaned my brother my import DC until I got the FAQ up; as I'm getting close to finishing the update, I told him I wanted it back. He told me too bad -he has to finish Resident Evil: Code Verionica and Tony Hawk. Dreamcast is a great system and it sounds like it'll be going out with a bang.

Even if you don't pick up a Dreamcast, you'll get to see Sonic Advance on GBA and versions of ChuChu Rocket and Puyo Puyo (ooh, one of my faves) as well. It's even looking likely Sega as a 3rd party developer bringing it's many franchises to Nintendo GameCube!!! (C'mon, they're going to develop for PS2 and not for NGC?!) IGNCube state Sega officials have mentioned talks are underway for Sega to provide software for the GameCube. IGNCube also speculate that Nintendo NDAs may be preventing any news on this topic coming to light. Sega don't seem to be choosy right now either and evidently plan develop across consoles. Therefore, because Sega has mentioned Virtual Fighter 4 for PS2, we wonder if it might come to NGC too. Me, I'm drooling over playing future versions of Shenmue and Jet Grind on my NGC (wotta thought!).

Peter Moore, President of Sega of America had this to say:

"We have an incredible line-up, key opportunities with other non-gaming devices and a huge combined installed base worldwide for next generation platforms," continued Moore. "With this in place, Sega is well positioned to become the world’s dominant interactive software publisher and the leading network entertainment company given our online strengths."

In a classic example of pictures being better than 1,000 words, Sega released an official logo which we've posted below. One way or another, you will submit to Sega love. Rejoice!

The industry revolves around Sonic.

Update: For more info on the Smash Pack, Segadojo has a rundown on it.

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