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Chu Chu Gameboy

by Mike Sklens - January 31, 2001, 12:18 pm EST
Source: Segadojo

Contained within is all kinds of Sega related news including the announcment of Chu Chu Rocket for the Gameboy Advance.

Puzzle fans rejoice!! The mega-hit Dreamcast game Chu Chu Rocket has been announced for the Game Boy Advance. In Chu Chu Rocket, players have to heard tiny little mice thingies (Chu Chus) into Rocket and keep them from getting eaten by the Kapu Kapu (big stupid looking cats with swirly eyes)! If you've ever played Chu Chu on the Dreamcast you'll be overjoyed to hear this news. If you haven't played the game, shame on you. On a side note, the official name for Sonic the Hedgehog Advance is Sonic Adventure Advance. This makes me think it will be a new Sonic game as opposed to a port of an old Sonic game. Also, in the works for the Dreamcast (you know you love it!) are Jet Grind Radio 2 and Crazy Taxi 2 (hopefully with more cities and drivers). Crazy Taxi 2, along with 18 Wheeler Pro Amercian Trucker and Zombie Revenge will be hitting the Playstation 2.

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