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Sega says...

by Michael Cole - January 31, 2001, 7:45 pm EST
Source: IGN Pocket

Sega gives release dates for three upcoming GBA titles. Sonic Advance worldwide at the U.S. GBA launch.

Sega certainly looks like it has been planning to support the GBA for some time! According to IGNPocket, Chu Chu Rocket! will be a Japanese GBA release title! I'd be suprised if this didn't support GBA's wireless net... Also, Puyo Puyo will once again show its face--this time on the GBA. It should be out in Japan in summer and before Xmas in the US. But the real kicker is that the blue blur himself will be unleashed in Sonic the Hedgehog Advance WORLDWIDE at the GBA's US launch. Mario AND Sonic at the US release?! I'm in platforming heaven.

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