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Bringing back the Classics

by Mike Sklens - December 21, 2000, 11:38 am EST
Source: Gamers.com

Oh boy! Dodgeball for Advanced players! Don't cry if you get hurt while playing, heheh...

If you ever had a NES, and I sure hope you did, you'll be overjoyed to hear that Super Dodgeball is coming to the Game Boy Advance. Although the company that created Super Dodgeball has been out of business since 1995, its former president has be at another company named Million. They are developing a Game Boy Advance version of the super classic Super Dodgeball. The idea behind Super Dodgeball is well, dodgeball. You throw the ball as hard as you can at your opponents and lay the smack down. You win by depleting the life of every opponent on the other team. The game will be titled Bakunetsu Dodgeball Fighters and will be released in Japan in the Spring. You can checkout a review of the classic Super Dodgeball at Seanbaby.com. Be warned, Seanbaby.com has been warned to contain large amounts of funny.

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