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Castlevania Classics to Return

by Max Lake - December 27, 2000, 2:35 am EST
Source: Game Spot

Open your wallets and purses, 'cause here come Konami classics!

Recently, Konami let it be known that it would be making a remake of a classic Castlevania PC game originally released on X68000 PC for Sony PSX. Now, according to GameSpot, Konami have decided to make this a series of games, known as Castlevania Chronicles.

"We will be releasing other Castlevania titles in the future," the game's producer confirmed. "The possible candidates are prioritized based on which game [and its hardware] is the most difficult to obtain at this point. Though the contents remain the same, we will be polishing up the graphics and sound a little bit."

What a great idea, especially since Castlevania is by far one of the oldest and best series in the history of gaming. Currently, Castlevania Chronicles seems slated only for PSX but doesn't it seem that such a series would lend itself incredibly well to Game Boy Advance? Konami are making an all-new game, Castlevania: Circle of the Moon for GBA but some of the older games would translate fantastically too. Even a re-release of Super Castlevania IV would be cool (tho' not so rare). Either way, I'm all for introducing today's generation of gamers to some of our old skool classics!

Will Castlevania Chronicles spread to other systems? I sure hope so! What do you think? Which Castlevania game is your fave and why? Which ones would you like to see released? Have you played any of the rare Castlevania games? Let us know in the Talkback!

By the by, I'd recommend the CastleVania Dungeon to any one interested in learning more about some of the more rare Castlevania games or just about the series in general.

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